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Chamber President Tony Nolan presents award to Kim and Tom Hogge

2011 Corporate Citizen of the Year

Screwmatics of South Carolina, Inc.

Tom and Kim Hogge of Screwmatics were the grand winners of the evening – taking home the 2011 Corporate Citizen of the Year Award. 

Being a former tool and die instructor at Florence/Darlington Technical College, a machinist for a large manufacturing company, and a member of management at a large valve manufacturing company, Tom had cutting fluid in his blood.  Kim was employed by a small accounting firm and had one child at the time, Matthew.  In 1988, Tom and Kim Hogge took the plunge and started up a company of their own.  Truly, from the ground up!  Kim was pregnant with their second child, Billy  – she manned the phones, handled the office work, made pick up and deliveries, as well as ran a drill press or two.  Affectionately becoming known as Boss Hogge, Tom – was busy setting up and running machines. 

Fast forward to 2011 – Screwmatics now employees over 100 full and part time employees.  They’ve achieved this by being fortunate enough to employ several of Tom’s former associates with extensive machining and quality backgrounds.  Along with continuous improvement, training, and by investing in modern state-of-the-art equipment, they are poised to serve diverse machining requirements. 

Screwmatics supplies millions of parts to more than 30 industries.  One of their top customers allows them to manufacture advanced components for the medical industry.  Producing several high end components used in devices including Insulin pens, epi-pens, liver and pancreas biopsy tools as well as dental tool components. They also make parts for other fields including welding, power transmissions, distribution, industrial switch components and valve industries.

Screwmatics, Inc. has expanded many times over the years.  They continues to be in a growth stage, building and renovating several times in the past few years.  Right now, their manufacturing buildings  cover around 100,000 square feet – with most areas climate controlled.   Most recently they have added a state of the art 2,400 square foot office building.  The building houses four executive offices as well as a large conference room and training room.

Their company name has been used in a play on words, media game recently when Governor Mark Sanford made a visit and tour of the facility.  One paper in particular wondered why a governor with such a colorful history made it a point to visit a company named Screwmatics.  Well, just so you know (if you’ve been wondering about that name too), it was named because of their association in the manufacturing industry as being specialists in screw-machine, cam and computer numeric controlled machines.

We are very proud of our 2011 Corporate Citizen of the Year – Tom and Kim Hogge of Screwmatics of South Carolina, Inc.  We hope you will take a moment over the next few days to tell them congratulations on the great job they are doing for our community!