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Group offering grants to help fix up Pageland store buildings
Pageland business owners can get financial help to paint their buildings, repair broken windows and replace tattered awnings under a new program.
The Business Improvement Grant (BIG) program is being sponsored by the Pageland Pride Partnership, which is an organization made up of members appointed by the Town of Pageland, the Chamber of Commerce and the Pageland Garden Club. The BIG program is being funded by the Town and the Chamber with additional financial help from the Wal-Mart Distribution Center.
“A healthy downtown business district is important to the Town, the Chamber and all the citizens of Pageland,” said Town Councilman Brian Hough, chairman of the Pageland Pride Partnership board of directors. “We want downtown Pageland to be attractive and the grants program will encourage building owners to invest in their properties.”
Chamber President Greg Lawrence agreed.
“We’re excited to be participating with the Pageland Pride Partnership to improve the storefronts in our town,” said Lawrence. “These improvements, while making our town more attractive will bring more people to Pageland, thus improving business. Attractive buildings will also bring other businesses to Pageland. We’ll soon be the talk of Chesterfield County for our improvements.”
Garden Club President Jennifer Tucker said the BIG program is a continuation of the club’s efforts to beautify the town.
  “Over the years the Garden Club has continually worked toward beautifying Pageland,” commented  Tucker. “We are excited that the Pageland Pride Partnership project will help complement our efforts in making Pageland a more beautiful and welcoming town.”
While the focus of the Pageland Pride Partnership Board is primarily on improving the downtown business district, the grant program is being offered to any business within the Pageland town limits.
The grants of up to $2,500 will pay for 50% of the cost of a fix-up project. For example, if a project will cost $5,000, the possible grant amount would be up to $2,500.
Application forms are available at the Pageland Town Hall and the Chamber of Commerce Office on North Pearl Street. The deadline for filing applications is June 19, 2009.
The Pageland Pride Board will evaluate the applications and fund as many projects as possible with the money available. Funding for the project has been provided  so far by the Town of Pageland, $4,000, the Chamber of Commerce, $2,000, and Wal-Mart, $2,000, for a total of $8,000. 
Funding decisions will be announced in June. Businesses will have until the end of the year to complete their projects. For more information, contact the Chamber Office at 672-6400.