There was certainly a chill in the air and that would put anyone in the holiday spirit!  Several businesses were counting on being able to stir up some holiday cheer.   Together, they agreed on the date and set their plans into motion.

November 1st may seem a little early to you for starting the holiday season.  But is it really?  Have you been thinking about your decorations for Thanksgiving and Christmas?  Have you
already begun to make your shopping list for Santa?  How many times do you browse around before you buy?

These are the questions our business owners ponder about their customers.  They know that they need to catch you early and offer a great product or service and a good deal.  When  they group together to bring people out on the same date, they can get a jump on the season sales.

One business owner said, “We don’t want to worry about our sales so much tonight, we are really looking for the customer that likes to browse.  They may pick up a few things, but they will see the potential in other items and return to the store later for more purchases.”  Another said, “It’s about getting people to come in a see what we have to offer right here at home!”

We hope you had time to visit these locations on Thursday November 1st, but if not – they certainly will be there for you throughout the season.  Help support our local businesses – the backbone of our community.