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Planning the Event Calendar for the year takes top priority this time of year.  We take the feed back from our members and the community and we also reflect on things that were good and things that didn’t work out as well.  We meet to brainstorm ideas both new and those that have had success.  A list is made and spread out over the coming months.  Board members decide who will chair events so that they can begin the process of seeing their event through from beginning to end.

These planning meetings take place in the first couple of months of each new year.  Our Annual meeting takes place in January and new board members attend their first board meeting in February.   The specifics of the events are not always available right away.  We have our annual events, quarterly events and special events.

Our February calendar holds yet another planning session.  This one is for the 2013 Pageland Watermelon Festival.  The kick off meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 19th at 5:15 (or as soon as anyone can arrive).  It will be held in the conference room at First Palmetto Bank.  If you can volunteer any time or if you have suggestions, please plan to attend this meeting.

We also have a tentative date for the next Lunch and Learn session – Tuesday, March 26th.  We will let you know more details about this event as the plans progress.  Please keep check on this website for announcements of the next events to take place.