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Town of Pageland

The Town of Pageland is 101 years old, and has seen a great boost of growth in recent years.  When visiting the town hall just the other day, the office was buzzing with many things happening at once.  The employees were handling an array of situations.  Opportunities, we’ll call them, to serve the community they each love.

There are many tasks that can be taken care of at the Town Hall.  Water billing, codes enforcement, zoning changes, Business license and recreation issues are just to name a few.  This office is housed by the Town Clerk, Bookkeeper, Deputy Clerk, Codes Enforcement Officer, Mayor and the Administrator. 

The Town Hall has seen many changes over the years.  In the old days, the building not only housed the current departments, but also the Fire and Police Department along with Public Works.  I can’t imagine the foot traffic that must have taken place back then!  The upstairs was used as a meeting facility and also for dances and plays that the community held.  It was the center of attention.  In 1990 the Town renovated the inside into the offices you see today.

The Town Council no longer meets upstairs, but instead they meet in the Council Chambers of the Millon Arant Building next door.  That building was renovated into a first class meeting facility and provides the office space for the Chamber of Commerce in the front facing Pearl Street.

The Mayor and Town Council serve four year terms.  They are elected on a staggered schedule, every two years.  There are six council seats, currently occupied by:  Martha Hamilton, Susan Breisch, Brian Hough, Cathy Smith, Jimmy Hough and Shane Hancock.  Carroll Faile serves as the Mayor for the town.  We have had 29 mayor changes in the past 100 years.  Some of the Mayors have served more than once, illustrating the commitment each has had for our town.

The ladies that make up the work force for the Town Hall have lots of experience when it comes to Town business.  Sandra Belk serves as Deputy Clerk and has been with the town nearly 24 years.    Sharon Nicholson is the Bookkeeper and Payroll Clerk for the Town and will soon celebrate 17 years of service.  Linda Long serves as the Town Clerk/Treasurer and has recently been named Interim Administrator.  She has been with the town 10 years. 

I sat down with the ladies of the Town Hall recently and they reminisced about the changes and growth they have seen in town.  “The addition of the 151 Bypass and the Community Center has had major impacts on the town.  These along with new and renovated schools show the growth that has already taken place in our town.  We are a small town sitting close to major cities.  People can enjoy the atmosphere we provide and still be just minutes away from big city life.  We also enjoy being close to the beaches and mountains.” 

Sandra Belk concluded our interview with the following:  “I have people come in all the time talking about moving to Pageland.  They remember it as a child, visiting the town or passing through on the way to the beach.  They just want to come back here to stay.  They love it that much.” 

Town Clerk Treasurer Linda Long, Deputy Clerk Sandra Belk and Bookkeeper Sharon Nicholson

Town Clerk Treasurer Linda Long, Deputy Clerk Sandra Belk and Bookkeeper Sharon Nicholson

Town Clerk Treasurer Linda Long, Deputy Clerk Sandra Belk and Bookkeeper Sharon Nicholson

Linda Rorie Long has been with the town 10 years. She is married to Steve Long and they have two sons. Mark is a senior at Central High and Brian is a student at Coastal Carolina.

Sandra Martin Belk has been with the town 24 years. She is married to JB Belk and they have four daughters. Alisha lives in Concord, Sandy and Erica live and work in Pageland and Carlee is a seventh grader at New Heights Middle School. Sandra has one grandchild, Trexler (son of Erica and her husband John Phillips).

Sharon Evans Nicholson has been with the town 17 years. She is married to Brent Nicholson and they have three children. Brittany is a seventh grader at New Heights, James is a fifth grader and Grant is a first grader, both at Jefferson Elementary.